Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Now Booking - Hampton Family Photographer

Hampton Family PhotographerAnd I'm back!

I am officially back from maternity leave and am now booking new sessions for the summer and fall. And I am SO excited to be back behind the camera again!

So what have I been up to lately? The last few months have been spent focusing exclusively on my family, and on welcoming my new daughter into our lives. It was so wonderful to have this time to focus on my children, and to find our new "normal" with another family member in the house. Adjusting to life with 2 kiddos was definitely a bit of a challenge. Our little Addy is completely different than my son was as a baby, and it took a bit of magic to make everyone's schedules mesh. I don't have to tell any of my fellow mommies how crazy life can get with a new baby in the house. But I'm very happy to say that we've found our rhythm and things are running smoothly again. And it certainly helps that she's finally sleeping through the night. (Well, most of the time...)

Our sweet Addy is now 6 months old, and I simply cannot believe how fast time goes by! I swear it was only yesterday that I was coming home from the hospital with her big brother, who is coming up on four years old! (Seriously, when did that happen?!?) Having a brand new baby has reminded me again why I love what I do, and why photography is so so important. She has changed so much in just the last few months, and those changes are only happening faster as the days pass.

Hampton Family Photographer

With that being said, I am beyond excited to be back behind the camera and booking new sessions. It's been so nice to spend this time at home, but now my shooting finger is getting itchy. I'm now booking sessions for the summer and fall of 2014.To keep a healthy balance between my home life and my professional life, and to ensure I can give each client the best experience possible, I will be accepting a very limited number of sessions each month.  
To celebrate my return, I'm raffling off 1 free mini-portrait session. The winner will receive a 30 minute session, and 8 digital images from your session in an online gallery, as well as a custom mobile app for easy sharing. Use the app below to get as many entries as you can. I will be drawing one random winner at 8:00 pm on Friday, July 11th.
I am so looking forward to filling my calendar and reconnecting will all of my amazing clients. I can't wait to jump back in with both feet and see what beautiful things we can create together.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Behind the scenes at my new studio space!

I am so so excited to unveil my new studio space! I finally have an amazing space to shoot in, with lots of room for the babies, and even a comfy spot for mom and dad to relax while I do my thing! I still have a few more things coming in, and just a bit more to hand and finish up. But I think it's close enough to finished that I can share some behind the scenes images with you! 
The sitting area! And I love that I can finally hang my work on my walls! 
 Showing off one of my glass prints. Along with my products catalog, for mom and dad to check out all of the awesome products I have available. 

 My new projector! I am so excited to finally have this. It will allow me to project client images HUGE on the screen, and the surround sound will be coming in soon. This is going to completely change client viewing sessions. 

More shelving to display my work and my products. And of course, my stereo, because I cannot shoot with a little music going! 

A sneak peek into my (slightly) organized closet. I'm a bit of a blanket hoarder. And you can see just a few of my baskets on the shelves in there too.

And finally, the area where I'll be shooting. It's all set up for a very special birthday girl coming to my studio this weekend. And on the right, how I store my backdrops, with my brand new teddy bear drop on top! 

Courtesy of: SnapKnot

Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012! Hello brand new year!

2012 has been an amazing year for me! This was our first year in Virginia, my husband and I celebrated 5 wonderful years together, and my little man turned 2 and learned to use the potty (woot woot!). And my photography business has transformed from a dream into a reality. I am both honored and humbled at the outpouring of support from my fabulous clients, friends, and family. I couldn't have done any of it without you. Looking back, it has been a long road, with a its fair share of ups and downs, but I wouldn't change a single moment of it, and I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities I've been granted. In honor of a fabulous year, I've put together some of my favorite images from 2012. So without further ado,  my favorites of 2012, in no particular order....

Looking ahead, I've got some big changes planned to 2013, including a few brand new product offerings I'm super excited about. Be on the lookout later this week for a new post announcing all the upcoming changes. Until then, stay safe this New Year's Eve, and see you in 2013!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Chic Critique Contest!

The lovely ladies over at Chic Critique are holding their very own Photography Idol contest with some ah-mazing prizes! So, of course, I had to jump in on the fun. Here's my submission!

You can learn more about the contest at Chic Critique.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leaving the camera at home...

We are moms. We are in charge of planning the events, creating the events, and documenting the events. Included in our duties as chefs, chauffeurs, and "boo boo" kissers, is the added duty of capturing every.single.moment. of our children's lives so that we always remember their giggles, their crooked smiles, and joyous wonder at all the new things their experiencing. We are the memory keepers. 
Everywhere I go, I see moms holding up their cameras and snapping away as their children laugh and play. I'm as guilty of is as anyone, probably more so thanks to my love of photography. But I can't help but wonder... by trying to preserve all these amazing memories, are we actually missing those moments as they happen? Is my son going to have memories of playing with mommy, or of mommy with a camera to her face? Is he going to remember laughing together, or laughing while I snapped away? 
I've been pondering this idea for a while, questioning whether I'm putting a barrier between myself and my family when I put the camera to my face. So, I decided to put my idea to the test for our trip to the zoo this weekend. I brought my camera, but left it in the bag almost the entire day. All in all, I took about 20 pictures the whole day. That's a new record for me. Our last zoo trip, I came home with almost 300 pictures.  
A full day at the zoo... only 1 picture to show for it.

I only got one good picture the entire day, but I got so much more than pictures. Instead of snapping away while my husband and son looked at the lions, I was able to hold my son and roar like a lion together (and yes, we got the strangest looks!). Instead of worrying about catching his surprise when the monkeys jumped from tree to tree, I got to be surprised with him. Sure, I don't have any of those moments on camera, but I have every single one in my heart. And I've decided that I can leave the camera at home a lot more often. 
I'm sure this isn't a problem that plagues every mother out there, but it is something for us "momtographers" to think about. And I encourage you to put the camera away for a day or a weekend, and just enjoy being with your family and interacting with them without a camera separating you. I know for me, the camera going to be spending some more time in the bag.